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HR Team in Transition.

While the HR Team is diligently searching to bring you a candidate willing to commit the time and dedication we rely upon in this critical position, we ask that you send any inquiries or correspondence directly to the HR team mailbox at  to ensure your situations and questions are addressed timely and appropriately.  

We appreciate your patience and will keep you posted as we continue OUR pursuit of a great candidate to provide you with outstanding service!

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Darla Hicks
Human Resources Director

Lena Ampofo
Sr. Analyst

Terri Jackson
HR Analyst

Joanne Regan
Administrative Assistant

Employee Handbook

Insurance Information

Health Care Coverage

Health care coverage is offered to all eligible City of Manassas employees through The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Local Choice Health Benefits Program via Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente. City employees can choose from an HMO plan (Kaiser Permanente), two PPO Plans (Key Advantage with Expanded Benefits and Key Advantage 500) or a High Deductible Health – see links below.

All plans include prescription drug and dental insurance coverage as well as employee assistance program (EAP) benefits. All plans also include routine vision care.  Additional information can be obtained from the Local Choice Anthem website and Kaiser Permanente website.

Benefit Rates & Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Work/Life Services

The City’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential information, support, and referral service offering tools and resources designed to help maximize productivity and meet the challenges of modern life. As an employer-sponsored program, EAP services are available to employees and their household members at no additional cost.

Using the Anthem EAP website 

  • If you are covered by the City’s Key Advantage or Key Advantage 500 plans, you enter “The Local Choice”
  • If you are not covered by the City’s health insurance, or are covered under Kaiser Permanente, you enter “City of Manassas”

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

City Job Postings