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It is important to use the brand standards to protect the graphic brand of Manassas, VA.
For guidance, contact our Communications Manager, Patty Prince at pprince@ci.manassas.va.us or 703.257.8456

Our Core Values

Customer Service
Our primary duty is to be accessible and responsible to the community that we serve.  To that end we must maintain an organizational reputation for consistency, openness, transparency, understanding, and active engagement with the stakeholders that we serve.

We must demonstrate the highest standards of being true to what we say and do and standing up for our beliefs so that our public activities inspire confidence and trust in our government.

It takes teamwork to create success.  We work as a team that encourages trust, cooperation and a commitment to communications within the organization.  We use our professional judgment to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations through behaviors consistent with our values.

The courage to be true to yourself and your position.  We value integrity in ourselves and others as we work every day with staff, residents and visitors.

We honor diversity and individual rights in every interaction we have with another person.  We look for balance between self, family, community and work.

We must be diligent to maintain an atmosphere where public resources are always used for the public good.  Our organization constantly strives to provide the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public services.

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